Unchained like a tiger. Excellent grip for stone and mud.


The roughest of MTB range, the rock and mud buddy. The Allmountain crossover. Tiger's robust tread blocks and generous tread depth predetermine the tire for aggressive riding style on fast, tough and steep rocky mountain paths and muddy trails. Excellent for sharp cornering, quick speed variations, and short braking.


PatternCathegoryInchesMetricTPISidewallTL/TTBeadFabric B2B Reinf.Tread colorSidewall colorCompound specInflation (kPa)Load (kg)Weight (g)
Tiger PROXC/Marathon29 x 2.3560-622120SkinwallTLABBblackblackDC350130800
TigerXC/Marathon29 x 2.3560-62260SkinwallTLAblackblackO350130870

TT - Tube type   TL - Tubeless   A - Aramid bead   BB - Bead-to-Bead impact damage protected   HE - Highly elastic compound  DR - Dual race compound

1) Aramid Bead Wire
2) Tubeless (suitable for tube type rims)
3) 120 TPI Skinwall Race Casing
4) Bead-to-bead Reinforced
5) Dual Race XC Compound

1) Aramid Bead Wire
2) 60 Tubeless optional
3) TPI Skinwall Casing