The tourer.

The touring and city allrounder. The fine-rough scattered tread pattern ensures sure grip at even uneven surfaces and sharp edges, cobblestones and hard unpaved trails. The tread-shoulder block pattern provides excellent stability on unleveled surfaces while the robust centerline safeguards excellent grip and braking characteristics on slippery roads.

PatternCathegoryInchesMetricTPISidewallTL/TTBeadReflective stripPuncture protect.Puncture protect. materialTread colorSidewall colorCompound specInflation (kPa)Load (kg)Weight (g)
DingoCity / Tour700 x 45C47-62220FullTTTWHi Vis Reflex2HEblackblackO350125900
DingoCity / Tour700 x 40C42-62220FullTTTWHi Vis Reflex2HEblackblackO520115810
DingoCity / Tour700 x 35C37-62220FullTTTWHi Vis Reflex2HEblackblackO520110700
DingoCity / Tour700 x 32C32-62220FullTTTWHi Vis Reflex2HEblackblackO65090630

TT - Tube type  TW - Twisted steel wire  HE - Highly elastic compound 

1) Aramid Bead Wire
2) Tubeless optional
3) 20 TPI Skinwall Casing
5) Durable XC Compound

7) Ebike-optional eReady series feature backcountry optimized low rolling resistance under-tread puncture protection. Enables effortless freedom of exploration. Reduces risk of tire defect.