The grassland rebel.

The solid ground and dust tire. Three rows of fine centerline tread blocks provide for low rolling resistance and smooth ride on gravel and paved paths. Medium high shoulder knobs ensure firm support at cornering and in soft terrains.

PatternCathegoryInchesMetricTPISidewallTL/TTBeadFabric B2B Reinf.Tread colorSidewall colorCompound specInflation (kPa)Load (kg)Weight (g)
Coyote PROGravel700 x 42C44-622120SkinwallTLABBblackblackSC470125495
Coyote PROGravel700 x 42C44-622120SkinwallTLABBblackgreySC470125495
CoyoteGravel700 x 42C44-62260SkinwallTTAblackblackO470125590
Coyote PROGravel700 x 38C40-622120SkinwallTLABBblackblackSC550118445
Coyote PROGravel700 x 38C40-622120SkinwallTLABBblackbeigeSC550118450
CoyoteGravel700 x 38C40-62260SkinwallTTAblackblackO550118545

TT - Tube type. TL - Tubeless   A - Aramid bead    BB - Bead-to-Bead impact damage protected  SC - Silica compound

1) Aramid Bead Wire
2) Tubeless (suitable for tube type rims)
3) 120 TPI Skinwall Race Casing
4) Bead-to-bead Reinforced
5) Silica Race Gravel Compound

1) Aramid Bead Wire
2) Tubeless optional
3) 60 TPI Skinwall Casing
5) Durable Gravel Compound