The concrete jungle explorer.

The deep, dense and flat-shaped tread predetermine this city rat for the concrete jungle explorations. Well suited for wet surfaces. The generous amount of rubber guarantees exceptionally long lifecycle and thus considerably low carbon footprint.

PatternCathegoryInchesMetricTPISidewallTL/TTBeadReflective stripPuncture protect.Puncture protect. materialTread colorSidewall colorCompound specInflation (kPa)Load (kg)Weight (g)
RatCity / Tour700 x 45C47-62220FullTTTWHi Vis Reflex2HEblackblackO350125860
RatCity / Tour700 x 40C42-62220FullTTTWHi Vis Reflex2HEblackblackO520115790
RatCity / Tour700 x 35C37-62220FullTTTWHi Vis Reflex2HEblackblackO520110560

TT - Tube type  TW - Twisted steel wire  HE - Highly elastic compound 

1) Aramid Bead Wire
2) Tubeless optional
3) 20 TPI Skinwall Casing
5) Durable XC Compound

7) Ebike-optional eReady series feature backcountry optimized low rolling resistance under-tread puncture protection. Enables effortless freedom of exploration. Reduces risk of tire defect.