The downhill prey hunter.

The true downhill and enduro high perfomance tire. Inspired by enduro motorcycle tires, Hawk features alternately pitched centerline blocks and deep shoulder knobs for aggressive downhill rides, excellent steering response and superb braking performance. Suited best for hard and rocky terrains while working great in mud and soft soils.

PatternCathegoryInchesMetricTPISidewallTL/TTBeadBead Reinf.Tread colorSidewall colorCompound specInflation (kPa)Load (kg)Weight (g)
Hawk PROGravity29 x 2.6066-622120SkinwallTLARApexBBblackblack3201501370
Hawk PROGravity29 x 2.6066-622120SkinwallTLARApexBBblackbeige3201501370
Hawk PROGravity29 x 2.4562-622120SkinwallTLARApexBBblackblack3501401200
Hawk PROGravity27.5 x 2.6066-584120SkinwallTLARApexBBblackblack3201451230
Hawk PROGravity27.5 x 2.6066-584120SkinwallTLARApexBBblackbeige3201451230
Hawk PROGravity27.5 x 2.4562-584120SkinwallTLARApexBBblackblack3501351060

TL - Tubeless   A - Aramid bead   AR - Aramid reinforced bead   BB - Bead-to-Bead impact damage protected.  DR - Dual race compound

1) Aramid Bead Wire
2) Tubeless (suitable for tube type rims)
3) 120 TPI Skinwall Race Casing
4) Bead-to-bead Reinforced
5) Dual Race XC Compound
6) Apex Reinforced Sidewall